Anna Arnell in 3 great ads I had nothing to do with

A few words about Anna

Anna graduated from the Watford School of Advertising and joined And Rising as employee number 6. From Campaign’s ‘Face to Watch​' to becoming the youngest Creative Director in the UK, Anna is a force like no other. She has led many large projects for And Rising, most recently working on Gamble Ware, Nandos and the smash hit Christmas campaign for House of Fraser. Anna also appeared on the D&AD’s Next Directors Shortlist.

Anna’s choices

National Dairy Council “Daybreak”

This sixty-second spot features a friendly milkman, played by Ben Foster, followed by a troupe of milk bottles on his early morning route through some idyllic suburbia. The whole thing is reminiscent of a musical number in a Walt Disney cartoon except that the characters are not drawn but real - and the jolly milk bottles are computer animated. The spot was an IPA Effectiveness Awards Grand Prix Winner 1992.

Levi's “Dangerous Liaisons”

In 2007 Levi's drew on its legacy for its TV ad which shows a couple stripping off the different styles used by the company over the years as their own appearance shifts to reflect the various eras. They are only able to get naked once they have shown off the 2007 collection. The ad, by BBH steers clear of a stale history lesson to showcase timeless passion and the century-old roots of one of its founding clients. The spot picked up a Gold Lion and a slew of other awards.

H&M “Come Together”

There are few directors whose style is as distinctive as Wes Anderson and no self-respecting movie fan could look at this without immediately recognising it as his work. All of Anderson's familiar trickery has been deployed but don't let that fool you into thinking a square peg has been lodged into a round hole - the effect is entirely on point and is directed towards creating an utterly charming Christmas ad.

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