Mini Babybel Saves Snack Time


Key Points

  • Mini Babybel wanted to increase penetration amongst their two target audiences during the FIFA World Cup
  • They created a campaign all about ‘Saving Snack Time’ targeting the World Cups’ half time moments.
  • During the World Cup, Mini Babybel became the UK’s number one cheese snack brand in value

The Challenge

Over recent years, Mini Babybel has seen a decline in penetration amongst their two core audiences - parents with children aged 2-9 and adults aged 25-34. To regain penetration amongst these key audiences, which had been at the heart of their success, Babybel decided to present themselves as the natural and healthy alternative for snacking during the World Cup.

The most significant advertising opportunity in 2018 was the FIFA World Cup and Babybel wanted a piece of the action. However, without official sponsorship of the competition, the campaign could have no direct association with the tournament. Therefore, an innovative campaign had to be produced to capitalise on this immense snacking moment opportunity.

The TV Solution

Despite all the excitement and adrenaline-fueled moments of the World Cup, there are also lulls and tedious moments.  During these dull moments, snacks come to the forefront of the mind and junk food prevails. Spark Foundry, Mini Babybel’s media agency, determined that the brand needed to present itself as a fun and more natural, protein filled option for ‘Snack Time’.

TV was crucial to drive awareness and deliver the brand’s message of 'Saving Snack Time' at scale. To capture the audience’s attention during the World Cup, Mini Babybel positioned themselves as a fun brand for all to enjoy. Being a healthy, protein-filled alternative, the brand could deliver a relevant message that resonated with both core audiences. They created a video campaign that entertained and distracted viewers from the boredom moments throughout the tournament.

The Plan

The campaign ran for three weeks and focused around the lead up and starting games of the World Cup to ensure it had the most impact. They ran a 20" 'Saving Snack Time' creative across ITV, Channel 4 and Sky, with an upweight in the first two weeks. The varied use of broadcasters allowed Mini Babybel to reach their two core audiences effectively and allowed the brand to leverage this cultural moment successfully. In addition, to ensure the campaign had access to premium quality football matches, the buying audience was slightly adjusted and so the effects were maximised.

Alongside the TV campaign, there was activity on social channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube. These creative executions were designed to prompt engagement amongst the audience through a new challenge under the hashtag 'CheeseGoals'. The social content included four simple challenges that the audience could try and then share via the hashtag. By prompting engagement, it strengthened and established customer-brand relationships.


  • Mini Babybel became the UK’s number one cheese snack brand during the World Cup in value
  • 8% increase in sales versus same period in 2017 
  • Attracted an additional 252,000 buyers
  • Achieved 1+ coverage of 68% amongst housepersons with children
  • Over 11m video views across social with #Cheesegoals
  • An increase of 540% in brand interest (3.5 x higher than previous year).

We knew it would be a challenge to cut through the World Cup clutter and speak to two audiences with one campaign. The brilliant #Cheesegoalscontent we created with Spark and the supporting campaign delivered above and beyond our expectations, to not only successfully engage our two audiences, but more importantly, help us surpass our sales targets and maintain our leading position as the #1 cheese snack format during the World Cup for both audiences.

Celina Leroyer Brand Manager, Mini Babybel


Sector: Food

Brand: Mini Babybel

Campaign objectives: Increase penetration amongst two target audiences

Target Audience: Parents with children aged 2-9 and adults aged 25-34

Budget: Between £1m and £1.5m

Campaign Dates: The campaign ran from 11th to 30th June 2018

TV Usage: 20 second spots

Creative Agency: Y & R

Media Agency:  Spark Foundry

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