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London Advertising stands out from the crowd

London Advertising stands out from the crowd

Posted on: December 23, 2020

Key Points

  • London Advertising needed to raise awareness and build market share in the UK
  • They created a TV-led campaign in the midst of the Covid crisis
  • As a result, brand awareness grew by 50% in one month

The Challenge

LONDON Advertising is a global communications agency, launched in 2008 by two founding partners of M&C Saatchi, who have worked together for 28 years and previously had set up offices in Hong Kong, New York, London, the Middle East and Africa.

92% of LONDON Advertising’s revenue comes from outside the UK and as a result they had very little awareness in the UK. In 2020, in the middle of the Covid-19 crisis, they decided to change this.

LONDON’s objectives were to generate fame, drive awareness and grow market share.

The TV Solution

LONDON’s creative work derives from their notion that a memorable idea is the most important element when it comes to making an advertising campaign and that it doesn’t have to cost a fortune. When it comes to producing a campaign, there are three criteria that they believe are paramount for work to be effective: Is it simple? Does it stand out? Can you remember who it’s for?

Needless to say, they utilised these criteria when they launched their own campaign to drive awareness of their brand amongst business decision-makers in the UK.

Creative director, Alan Jarvie, initiated the creative development for the ads which were created during lockdown, with remote recording sessions with Helen Mirren in Reno and Liam Neeson in New York.

The Plan

The agency identified that every other agency in town was telling their clients that ‘brands that advertise in a downturn, gained market share from those who do not’. As no other agency was advertising at the time, LONDON saw it as an opportunity to gain market share and also demonstrate the benefits of advertising to other businesses.

The national TV campaign was launched on the first working day after the easing of Lockdown. They ran ten different TV ads, a mixture of 20” and 10” across Sky News between from July 6th and 31st 2020.

The TV campaign was supported by super-premium digital posters across the UK. The posters had the same look and feel as the TV ads and this creative synergy helped to make the campaign even more memorable.


LONDON Advertising’s campaign was a great success. They found that the combination of TV and outdoor advertising, with creative synergy across the two, was the perfect recipe for transforming their awareness and sales:

  • Five new client wins since the campaign launched
  • 2,725% increase in visitors to the website
  • Brand awareness for LONDON Advertising rose by 50% in just a month
  • LONDON Advertising now has the highest awareness, at 27%, of any of the agencies covered in the poll. The poll was conducted by Populus and included Adam & Eve, VCCP and Droga 5.
  • A huge amount of PR was generated by this campaign. For example, Michael Moszynski, CEO of LONDON Advertising was interviewed twice on national TV news, with a further 30 interviews in national and trade press in the UK and abroad.

Stephen Woodford, CEO at the Advertising Association commented on the campaign “Brilliantly simple and searingly memorable” which supports the key criteria the agency were working with for the campaign.

This campaign is entirely in keeping with the philosophy of the agency: that if we want to advise clients on how to build their brands then we should demonstrate we can do it for ourselves.

Michael Moszynski CEO, LONDON Advertising


Sector: Services

Brand: LONDON Advertising

Campaign objectives: To drive brand awareness and grow market share

Target Audience: Business owners

Budget: Value of the media £400,000

Campaign Dates: The campaign ran from 6th to 31st July 2020

TV Usage: 20” and 10” spots

Creative Agency: LONDON Advertising

Media Agency:  LONDON Advertising


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