Casillero del Diablo & Sky Movies – the perfect pairing


Key Points                                   

  • With distribution at more than 90%, Casillero del Diablo needed to grow the market by enticing younger drinkers and achieving standout in the retail aisle
  • They embarked on a year-long partnership with Sky Movies to create new drinking occasions in the home
  • Brand awareness grew 16% and value sales increased by 18%

The Challenge

Concha y Toro is Chile’s number 1 wine producer. Casillero del Diablo, their ‘hero’ label in the UK, gets its name from an ancient legend that claims the wine’s cellar is protected by the devil himself.

After three years of distribution-fuelled growth, 2015 heralded the need to drive sales through increased consumer penetration and frequency of purchase. However, the category’s value was plateauing, with drinkers choosing wine on fewer occasions and consumption amongst under 50s in decline. In addition, research unearthed a lack of consumer confidence around wine selection with people generally opting for familiar brands.

So the challenge for Casillero del Diablo was how to differentiate the brand in consumers’ minds and cut through at point of sale. What’s more, they needed to do this at scale, week in week out and in an environment that did justice to the brand’s legendary heritage. Their key objectives were to:

  • Raise awareness amongst wine drinkers
  • Create engagement opportunities at point of purchase, especially with younger wine drinkers
  • Drive engagement with retail customers to generate off-shelf promotional opportunities
  • Drive sales and penetration

The TV Solution

Pretty Green (CYT’s creative agency) recommended an association with movies, creating the ‘perfect pairing’ of having a glass of wine with a film at home. With the right partnership, they would be able to give drinkers a reason to choose wine on more occasions and make a compelling case for their choice to be Casillero del Diablo.

SPP Media found the perfect partner in Sky Movies, who could deliver a robust media collaboration with film at scale and also provide off-screen assets that could be leveraged and activated in-store.

The Plan

SPP Media worked collaboratively with Sky Media to structure a massive sponsorship deal across 17 movie channels, investing the client’s entire above the line budget in the year-long campaign. The partnership consisted of sponsorship idents around more than 40,000 broadcasts on linear TV as well as sponsorship idents across Sky’s on-demand services.    

There was also extensive off air activation with rights to use the Sky Movies logo IP. This included a national promotion on millions of wine bottles in every major retailer with a bespoke Sky Movies subscription competition which attracted over 25,000 entrants. There was also a Movies 24 promotion in Tesco offering shoppers the chance to win a trip to Antigua.

The partnership became the backbone of Casillero’s marketing plan but also enabled them to support promotions at key time such as Valentine’s Day and Halloween.


As there was no other marketing activity and no major shifts in pricing strategy, the results can be fully attributable to the partnership.

  • In February 2016, Casillero became 6th in the top ten wine brands, up from 12th in 2014
  • Casillero brand awareness is up 16% - from 56% to 65%
  • Casillero’s value sales up 18% to December 2015 vs a flat market for wine
  • Casillero’s penetration is up 23% - 5 times  the average growth for total market

In addition, some key brand metrics were improved such as:

  • +7% for ‘every day drinking’ occasions
  • Purchase consideration up 23%
  • Awareness of sponsorship +77%
  • Cut through strongest for 18 to 35 year olds
  • Sponsorship is forging the link between Casillero and film

Consumer engagement at point of sale has generated more than 58,000 competition entries with a 1.09% redemption rate and 70% of entrants under the age of 55.

The campaign won Silver for Best Sponsorship Activation and Bronze in the Alcoholic Beverage category at the Institute of Promotional Marketing Awards.

Anecdotal responses from retailers are extremely positive, strengthening relationships and creating future opportunities in store.


Clare Griffiths, Commercial Director, Concha y Toro UK

Our sponsorship of Sky Movies provides year round access to the right audience in the right frame of mind and in a context that brings our ‘legendary’ positioning to life. Working in true partnership with Sky, we have been able to harness the UK’s passion for film and wine to drive stand out and market share during key category sales windows. The association has also reinvigorated our conversations with retail trade partners and has become a key pillar in our in store marketing calendar. The resulting increases in both brand health and rate of sale have significantly exceeded all expectations.

Clare Griffiths Commercial Director, Concha y Toro UK


Sector: Drinks

Brand: Casillero del Diablo

Campaign objectives: To drive penetration and increase sales

Target Audience: Wine drinkers

Campaign Dates: March 2015 – Feb 2016 (and currently ongoing)

TV Usage: Sponsorship idents

Creative Agency: Pretty Green

Media Agency:  SPP Media

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