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Tesco: a true TV love story

Tesco: a true TV love story

Posted on: September 29, 2020

This film focusses on Tesco’s TV story and how they, with MediaCom, came to take home the award for ‘Best ongoing use of TV’ along with the Grand Prix at the Thinkbox TV Planning Awards 2019.

Tesco was facing pressure from all sides and a huge marketing challenge. They needed to rebuild their reputation and improve perceptions on the key driver of store choice: quality. An immediate hard correction was required to rebalance years of short-term tactical erosion. MediaCom knew TV would be central to this strategic shift due to its ability to drive very large business effects.


  • Tesco’s reputation and quality both significantly improved.
  • Reputation of the brand was rebuilt, closing the gap by 13% points on the competition.
  • Tesco’s quality score has also increased by three-quarters.
  • The long-term communications have helped Tesco to achieve 12 quarters of sales growth and customers have started to return.


  • Tesco "Food Love Stories" was born to celebrate "the food you love to cook, for the people you love". Yes, the campaign showcased the great quality food we sell, but the magic was food’s power to connect people. Tesco connected with the nation through emotive storytelling and the relationship we all have with mealtimes.

Film Contributors

  • James Parnum, Partner, MediaCom
  • Nick Ashley, Head of Media and Campaign Planning, Tesco

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