What’s on Sky in the next fortnight

With the night’s drawing in, Sky has got you covered. Whether you’re already in the mood for Christmas, Sky Cinema Christmas Channel has every selection, of every Christmas movie, ever. Or if you’d prefer some hard-hitting action and drama then the return of Madam Secretary on Sky Living is a great place to start. The alarming and intricate Three Days to Live will continue to keep you guessing, while Supermarket Sweep Saturdays provides your perfect helping of light-hearted weekend fun. The Second Season of Sick Note is another not to be missed, promising more of the same, but funnier, you’d be unwise not to prep your own sick note and keep your Tuesday evenings free.


Sky Cinema Christmas Channel

Sky Cinema Christmas Channel

If you wish it could be Christmas every day, then Sky is making it happen. With a dedicated channel giving you access to a sack full of festive crackers on demand, all your seasonal viewing desires can be granted. From The Grinch, Home Alone to Love Actually, and that’s naming only a few, it would be rude not to.


Madam Secretary

Madam Secretary

Series 4 Premieres Thursday 23rd November at 9pm

Sky Living Logo

Téa Leoni returns as Elizabeth McCord – Secretary of State and expert negotiator and diplomat, with the Libyan Civil War ongoing and 22% of Americans believing her to be guilty of murder, Madam Secretary is back, and the pressure is on.


Supermarket Sweeps Saturdays

Supermarket Sweep Saturdays

Saturdays from 11am


The man with the tan, Dale Winton, is back on Challenge starting this Saturday with everyone’s favorite supermarket-based game show; catch up on contestants competing for big cash prizes in the infamous super sweep.

This is definitely one to watch!


Three Days to Live

Three Days to Live

Thursday 16th November, 9pm


Three Days to Live was conceived through recreating missing person cases from firsthand testimonies of those involved. With the chances of survival dropping 72 hours after a Missing Person case is filed, as Three Days to Live demonstrates, time is of the essence. When a panicked 911 call is made from a woman locked in the boot of a car, police work around the clock to find her.


Sick Note

Sick Note

Tuesday 14th November, 10pm

Sky 1 Logo

Having been misdiagnosed with a terminal illness, compulsive liar Daniel (Harry Potter’s Rupert Grint) is back for another season, fumbling his way through another web of lies. Picking up from where Seasons 1 left off, and with Lindsay Lohan joining the cast as the daughter of Daniel’s boss, the new season offers plenty more dark, original humor.

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