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TV Planning Awards 2019

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Breaking ads

We update this gallery weekly with a collection of the latest and best ads breaking on TV.


3 great ads with Alice Burton from The&Partnership

Edible cars, double lives and behaving ‘like a girl’ – find out the ads that Alice Burton chose


How smaller businesses can supercharge with TV

A new econometric analysis of advertising’s impact on smaller businesses provides a wealth of insight and practical advice for smaller businesses that want to move to the next level of growth.

It’s time to make advertising creativity great again

It’s time to make advertising creativity great again

Brilliant creativity is what makes advertising interesting, gets people talking, and, most importantly is effective, the IPA’s new analysis should help us make ad creativity great again says Lindsey Clay.


Suzuki get full marks by funding All Star Driving School

This is the story of how an engaging ad funded programme, along with product placement, allowed Suzuki to launch their new car aimed at young women


A Matter of Time: the importance of time-length in TV advertising

Can you really tell a story in a few seconds? Work Research investigated the impact of time-length in TV advertising.


How Nationwide found its Voice

The story of Nationwide’s IPA Effectiveness Award-winning ‘Voices’ campaign as told by the brand’s Paul Hibbs and VCCP’s Gethin James


‘Profit Ability’: download the full report

Landmark advertising effectiveness research from ebiquity and Gain Theory.


The shortlist: Thinkbox TV Planning awards 2019

View the full shortlist for the Thinkbox TV Planning awards 2019


July's chart of the month: Longer ads enhance memory effects

Our brains are programmed to seek out, respond to & remember stories. But how does this relate to copy-length?


Latest deck: TV advertising’s killer charts

For the full lowdown on why TV is the most effective form of advertising download this deck packed with facts and evidence.


Supercharge: transform your business with TV

You can now watch our sessions on demand and find out how TV advertising delivers transformative effects for smaller advertisers.

3 great ads I had nothing to do with


3 great ads I had nothing to do with Sir John Hegarty

Volkswagen, Heineken and Marmite - hear from an advertising legend as he takes us through the 3 great ads he had nothing to do with


3 great ads: Chaka Sobhani

Leo’s entertaining and insightful Chief Creative Officer reveals her choices


3 great ads: David Kolbusz

3 great ads I had nothing to do with: David Kolbusz on Skittles, Honda... and one that never aired