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Remco Graham of Now in 3 great ads I had nothing to do with

Channel 4: We’re the superhumans

Channel 4 triumphant in latest Thinkboxes

Find out more about the July/ August winner and runners up.


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Twice a week we update this gallery with a collection of the latest and best ads breaking on TV.


Commercial TV viewing increases during first half of 2016

As Viceland – the new broadcast TV channel from global youth media brand Vice – is set to launch in the UK next month, commercial TV channels in the UK enjoyed a strong beginning to 2016.

Video Kids

Video kids

Kids’ viewing has never been greater with more channels and content than ever before. In this deck we bust some common myths surrounding viewing habits of today’s kids


Matt Hill on paying attention to viewability

In advertising, viewability and attention are far too often confused. It's time to set the record straight…

Monthly TV Set Viewing Report August 2016: EE

Monthly TV Set Viewing Report: August 2016

The latest figures from BARB show that the average adult watched 2 hours, 13 minutes of commercial TV each day in August 2016. The decrease in commercial viewing compared to August last year can be attributed to the Rio Olympics coverage, televised exclusively on BBC.


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Looking for something brilliant to watch? You’re only human. Check out what’s coming up on commercial TV.

Blog This is for everyone

This is for everyone - an essay by Tess Alps

It's time agencies and advertisers asked themselves serious questions about the media world they are creating through their investment decisions, writes Tess Alps

RT @Campaignmag: Why Facebook and Google should leave their secret gardens by @LindseyClay



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Harvey and Harmony: about Thinkbox's latest ad

Harvey uses the power of TV advertising to persuade his owner to let the love of his life come to live with them.


Why TV advertising?

Discover why TV advertising is so brilliant at creating success for brands, both overnight and over the long-term


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