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Watch 'In Sight: new trends in TV' on demand

Watch 'In Sight: new trends in TV' on demand

Posted on: March 7, 2024

You can now watch the sessions above and download the decks from the link on the right.

Commercial TV is growing. It has transformed itself in recent years as TV companies successfully developed streaming platforms. They are growing at pace, and now are joined by TV advertising newcomers such as Amazon Prime Video, Disney+, and Netflix. The TV opportunity is expanding further and faster than ever before for brands.

So what we think of as commercial TV needs to move on. It needs to embrace the new world advertisers find themselves in and the remarkable choices it offers them as they seek out quality environments for their products and services.

At our event we examined the latest data and trends that are shaping today’s TV into tomorrow’s brand successes.

We put everything in perspective and context, from how TV viewing is really changing, why, and what impact new advertising-funded TV platforms are having.

We also unveiled Context Effects - a brand-new study by Map the Territory and Tapestry identifying the key factors influencing in-home video advertising performance and how they combine to help advertisers achieve success.

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