Why TV?

Discover why TV advertising is so brilliant at creating success for brands, both overnight and over the long-term


238 million views… & other things you should know

This booklet brings together the latest stats and insight from TV and advertising all in one handy PDF.

TV creates the most sales

TV advertising works

TV advertising works. It creates more profit, more sales and more powerful business effects than any other form of advertising. It is the single most effective way to build a brand.


TV has unbeatable scale and reach

An average broadcast TV campaign of 400 TVRs in the UK gets 234 million views.

TV is vital for long term profit

TV is vital for long-term success

TV advertising works and it works fast. But that’s only part of its power. The effects of TV advertising accumulate over time; the longer you advertise, the bigger the effect.

TV is the steroid for other media

TV is the steroid for other media

TV consistently makes other elements of advertising campaigns work harder – especially online.

TV is everywhere

TV is everywhere

TV is now everywhere. It continues to colonise every screen in sight, in and out of the home. It accompanies us wherever we go – and brands with it.

Fame and emotion are the killer strategies

TV creates emotion & makes brands famous

Every brand wants to be a household name – and nothing creates fame like TV.

TV is crucial to word of mouth

TV is crucial to word of mouth

Nothing gets people talking about brands like TV. TV brings brands into conversations.

All TV ads can be response ads

TV drives rapid response

TV ads have unbeatable long-term effects, but they are also very powerful in the short-term and can be acted on immediately thanks to people’s ability to multi-screen. The high street is in our living rooms now and TV has become a point of sale medium.

TV works across categories

TV works across categories

TV advertising has a powerful overall effect on sales and profit, but when you look at individual categories like retail, finance and FMCG you find that TV is the best performing media for each.


TV is at the heart of creative effectiveness

There is a direct correlation between strong advertising creativity and business success. And TV is at the heart of creative effectiveness.

Cutting TV puts your brand at risk

Cutting TV damages your brand

There’s only one thing worse than not advertising on TV, and that’s stopping once you’ve started. The risk of cutting TV advertising is grave indeed.