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I can’t resist a good love story me. Girl meets boy; boy says something stupid; girl is annoyed but forgives boy because we all make mistakes and he didn’t mean it really; boy sees error of his ways and realises girl is the one for him; girl and boy live happily ever after; babies. I’m weepy just thinking about it. This is much like TV and the internet, where TV is the girl...

Discover the power of TV advertising

There are all sorts of reasons why television advertising is so brilliant at creating success for brands and businesses both in the short-term and the long-term. Here are the top ten, plus supporting evidence and links.


  1. TV is the best profit generator
  2. TV has unbeatable scale and reach
  3. We’re watching more TV than a decade ago
  4. TV is the most talked about medium both on and offline
  5. All TV ads are response ads
  6. TV is the new point of sale medium
  7. TV is the dominant youth medium
  8. TV is THE emotional medium and emotional campaigns are more effective
  9. TV is the catalyst for other media
  10. TV builds brand fame

For all the evidence click here.

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