Works across categories

TV works across categories


Ebiquity and Gain Theory’s ‘Profit Ability: the business case for advertising’ showed the impressive overall effect that TV has on short and long-term profit, but it also drilled down into key individual categories – FMCG, Retail and Financial Services – to uncover TV’s influence.


  • Although TV receives 74% of the advertising budget, it delivers 85% of all advertising-generated short-term profit and 87% in the long term
  • TV is also the safest investment in the long term, with 67% of campaigns paying back on the investment or more 

For Retail:

  • In the short-term, TV is responsible of 59% of the advertising-generated profit. Over the long term this increases to 71%
  • 96% of TV campaigns for Retail brands return a profit, higher than any other form of advertising

For Financial Services:

  • 92% of TV advertising campaigns pay back with an average profit ROI of £4.96
  • TV is responsible for 66% of advertising-generated profit in the short term and 71% in the long term




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