Unbeatable scale and reach

TV has unbeatable scale and reach


TV is enormous, accounting for 37% of the average person’s media day, according to IPA Touchpoints 2018. No other form of advertising can build scale as quickly and powerfully. This is crucial as no-one can truly predict who might end up a customer. Advertising with mass reach builds brand desirability and creates fame, which is the most effective advertising strategy.

The IPA’s ‘Media in Focus’ (2017), by Les Binet and Peter Field, found that:

  • Mass media are crucial to effectiveness. The scale of medium is the primary driver of effectiveness and penetration is three times more likely to be the main driver of business growth and profit compared with loyalty (IPA ‘Media in Focus’, 2017)

Thinkbox’s analysis of video consumption in the UK, using 2018 data from the best industry sources available, including BARB, comScore, IPA Touchpoints, and Rentrak, showed that:

  • TV is the most popular form of video, accounting for 69% of the average person’s video diet
  • YouTube, for example, accounts for 11.1%, and SVOD services like Netflix and Amazon account for 8.9%
  • More importantly for advertisers, TV accounts for 95% of all video advertising that is seen

The Broadcasters’ Audience Research Board’s (BARB) rigorous measurement of TV shows that:

  • The average viewer in the UK watches a total of 3 hours, 34 minutes of TV a day with an additional 28 minutes of subscription VOD viewing
  • Commercial TV makes up two thirds of total TV viewing in the UK with the average person watching 2 hours, 17 minutes a day
  • The average UK viewer watches 41 TV ads a day on a TV set at normal speed (fast-forwarded ads are not included by BARB). 
  • Collectively we saw 906 billion ads in 2018
  • An average broadcast TV campaign of 400 TVRs in the UK gets 240 million views
  • Commercial TV reaches 89% of the UK population every week, which grows to an estimated 95% if Broadcaster VOD is included

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