TV is the heart of the video world


Thinkbox’s analysis of video consumption in the UK, using 2020 data from the best industry sources available, including BARB, comScore, IPA Touchpoints, and Rentrak, showed that:

  • Total video time grew by a significant amount in 2020: 40 minutes per person per day.
  • TV (broadcaster + SVOD) accounts for 75% of the average video day
  • Amongst 16-34s, TV accounts for 56% of video viewing time
  • Broadcaster TV continues to be the largest single portion of video viewing (incl. for 16-34s)
  • The TV set is the home of high quality content
  • More importantly for advertisers, TV accounts for 91% of all video advertising that is seen
  • YouTube accounted for 5.6% of video advertising; TikTok 1.4% of video advertising.



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