TV is everywhere

TV is everywhere


Although the vast majority of TV viewing remains in the home and on the main TV set, viewing on other screens in new locations has enhanced viewing and interaction – and increased the number of opportunities for brands to tap into TV’s power.

  • The proportion of adults watching TV via other devices is small but significant. 8.6% of the UK watches TV on a desktop/laptop in a week, 7.8% on a tablet and 5.4% on a smartphone (IPA, Touchpoints, 2018)
  • On average people watch an extra 4 minutes of TV a day on other devices such as smartphones, tablets and laptops. Together with the TV they watch on a TV set (within 28 days of the original broadcast), this brings total viewing to 3 hours, 34 mins a day (BARB & Broadcaster data, 2018)
  • TV has expanded beyond the living room: 56% of the UK have watched TV on screens other than the TV set while in the living room; 46% in the bedroom; 24% in their study or home office; 19% in the kitchen; 12% in the garden; and 9% in the bathroom or toilet (Craft/Thinkbox, ‘Screen Life: TV advertising everywhere’, 2014)
  • TV is watched in many places outside the home: 17% of the UK has watched TV on their tablet, laptop or smartphone when they are at someone else’s house; 13% at work; 12% elsewhere out of home (e.g. waiting for a bus); 10% while travelling on business; 13% in a public building; 16% while on public transport; and 12% while travelling in a car (Craft/Thinkbox, ‘Screen Life: TV advertising everywhere’, 2014)



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