TV is brand safest

One of the few upsides to the scandals of recent years over fraud, inappropriate placement of ads and data privacy in areas of online advertising – notably Facebook and YouTube – is that it has thrown TV’s high quality into even sharper relief. TV advertising has a responsibility to exercise its power and influence with care and is held to a higher standard through strict regulation – and viewers know it. As such TV is the most trusted form of advertising and being seen on TV gives brands a stamp of quality and credibility. There’s a reason online brands have flocked to TV and become TV’s biggest category.




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TV works across categories

TV works across categories

TV advertising has a powerful overall effect on sales and profit, but when you look at individual categories like retail, finance and FMCG you find that TV is the best performing media for each.


TV is the heart of the video world

TV is the most popular form of video, accounting for 69% of the average person’s video diet and 94.6% of the video advertising they see.

All TV ads can be response ads

TV drives rapid response

TV advertising starts working immediately and carries on delivering for years into the future. However, its short-term effects can be hidden or overlooked