Makes brands famous

TV creates emotion & makes brands famous


Just as it turns people into stars, TV turns brands into household names.  Research by Binet and Field for the IPA has repeatedly showed that emotive advertising campaigns and those that have fame at the core of their strategy are by far the most effective at creating large business effects like sales and profit. In fact they are 50% more likely to create these effects. And nothing touches our emotions or creates fame like TV.

  • Asked which forms of advertising make them feel emotional, 58% of the UK said TV advertising. This dwarfed all other media (Ipsos Connect/Thinkbox, ‘TV Nation’, 2016)
  • Asked what type of advertising makes brands more famous, 66% of the UK chose TV – over five times more than the next closest media, which was social (Ipsos Connect/Thinkbox, ‘TV Nation’, 2016)
  • The IPA’s ‘Long and short of it’ study found that emotional ads are almost twice as effective at generating profit as rational or informative ads
  • Creatively awarded campaigns are far more likely to be emotional than rational. 47% of creatively awarded campaigns analysed in the IPA’s ‘The link between creativity & effectiveness’ were ‘emotional’ versus only 35% of non-awarded campaigns


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