TV is crucial to word of mouth

TV is crucial to word of mouth


From the word on the street to the words in a tweet, word of mouth is marketing magic. Brands want to be talked about; they want to become household names. And nothing gets people talking like TV.

  • Ipsos found that TV is the medium where people claim they talk about the advertising the most. 53% claimed they were likely to talk about TV advertising either face to face or on the ‘phone and 26% thought they would talk about it online. Both far higher than any other medium (Ipsos, ‘TV Nation’, 2016)
  • TV advertising drives 51% of all marketing-generated conversations. In total, 72% of incremental brand conversations are driven by paid-for advertising (Data2Decisions/Keller Fay/Thinkbox, ‘POETIC’, 2013)
  • TV drives word of mouth for a number of weeks after initial activity: 85% of week one activity in the second week, and 72% in the third week – much longer than other communication channels (Data2Decisions/Keller Fay/Thinkbox, ‘POETIC’, 2013)



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