Working with Harvey: behind the scenes of Dog’s Home

What’s it like being on set with a canine legend? This short film features interviews with the actors from Thinkbox's Dogs’ Home TV ad; a chat with the creative team and the inside track from award-winning director Andy McLeod.

As his legions of fans know, Harvey the dog is pretty handy around the house. To him, it was common sense that he should use the power of TV advertising to demonstrate some of his amazing skills and really get his message across. But how did Harvey communicate his ideas on the shoot, which actors have inspired his technique, and what does he ‘bring to set’? Those lucky enough to work with him on his first ad, explain all.

Appearing on film

  • Actor: Robert Whitelock
  • Actor: Lindsay Allen
  • Director: Andy McLeod
  • Art Director: Mark Slack
  • Copy writer: Gemma Phillips
  • Creative Director: Justin Tindall
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