Head: about Thinkbox’s 2009 TV ad

This is the sort of ad that starts conversations about TV ads; which ones we like best; why we remember them above other types of advertising, and how today’s advertisers can successfully plug into this “hard-wiring” phenomenon.

Thinkbox's first ever TV advertising campaign, ‘Head’ was designed to remind advertisers of the continuing power and effectiveness of TV by focussing on television's ability to create long-term memories. The ad paid affectionate tribute to some of the greatest and most effective TV commercials, all of which are still returning value for their brands despite being some distance from their original air-date. If TV can do this for these brands, with the right creative and media, it can do the same for today's advertisers, delivering results today and in the long term. Nothing else does this quite like telly.

‘Head’ was created by The Red Brick Road and directed by multi award winning director Chris Palmer of Gorgeous, who has been responsible for ads including Carlsberg's Old Lions, Skoda Fabia's Cake and Transport for London's Do the Test. The media planning and buying was by MediaCom.

The ad was screened across a variety of broadcast channels represented by Thinkbox's shareholders, who are Channel 4, ITV, Sky Media, Turner Broadcasting and UK TV.

Thinkbox’s ‘Head’ TV ad was awarded by D&AD, the BTAAs, and the APA.

Lindsey Clay

This is something we've wanted to do for some time and we're delighted our shareholders have invested to make it possible. We obviously believe in the unrivalled power of TV to deliver business success and it has never been more important to make sure every brand understands what TV can do for them.

Lindsey Clay Thinkbox's Chief Executive


You can watch all the original as that are featured in the Thinkbox ad by clicking here

Ad credits

  • Client: Thinkbox
  • Title: Head
  • Production Company: Gorgeous Enterprises
  • Director: Chris Palmer
  • Advertising agency: The Red Brick Road
  • Art Director: Pete Hayes
  • Copy writer: Matt Lee
  • Head of TV: Charles Crisp
  • Agency producer: James Faupel
  • Production company producer: Rupert Smythe
  • D.O.P: Ben Seresin
  • Editor: Paul Watts
  • Post Production facility: The Quarry
  • Music: Yellow Boat Music


  • Man on the couch: Diarmuid Corr
  • Hypnotherapist: Al Mayfield
  • Colleague: Gill Stoker

Thanks to...

Our shareholders (Channel 4, ITV, Sky Media, and Turner Broadcasting and UK TV), Chris Palmer and all at Gorgeous, the Red Brick Road and Mediacom.

And a special thank you to our fabulous participating advertisers: Matt Close at Unilever, John Price at Honey Monster Foods, Phil Rumbol at Cadburys, Roisin Donnelly at Procter & Gamble, Mike Rowley at Yellow Pages, Peter Dries at Budweiser Anheuser- Busch, Dr Judith Bryans at Milk Marketing Board, Yulia Kretova, Brand Manager at Body Form/ SCA and Simon Stewart, Marketing Director at Britvic.

Ads featured in the Thinkbox ad

  • Cornetto Just one Cornetto!
  • Sugar Puffs Tell 'em about the honey mummy!
  • Milk Marketing Board Accrington Stanley?
  • Fairy Liquid Mild green Fairy Liquid
  • Budweiser WASSAAAAAP!
  • Yellow Pages Fly fishing by J R Hartley
  • R Whites Lemonade I'm a secret lemonade drinker
  • Body Form Ooooh Body Form
  • Cadbury's Fruit and Nut Nuts! Whole hazel nuts.  Cadbury's take 'em and they cover them in chocolate

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