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‘Profit Ability: the business case for advertising’ by Ebiquity and Gain Theory has, for the first time, quantified the impact that different forms of advertising have on the bottom line. Crucially it has done this for both the short term and the longer term, and across a range of sectors.

What emerges is a compelling case for re-thinking how advertising investment should be approached and hard evidence of what businesses can trust to deliver growth. Following a profit-damaging drift to short-termism in marketing, ‘Profit Ability’ swings the spotlight back on to creating shareholder value. It provides industry benchmarks, based on empirical evidence across a substantial range of advertisers, for what businesses can expect advertising to deliver. It shows that advertising – TV in particular – should be used as a powerful investment for growth.

The appendices of the report pull together the findings from Ebiquity and Gain Theory and organise them for those interested in the three specific sectors – FMCG, Retail and Financial Services – for easy reference, and to show how different advertising channels perform for each.

WINNER – GOLD Trade Body Research, Media Week Awards 2018
WINNER – Best Trade Industry/Body Research, Media Research Group Awards 2018
WINNER – Grand Prix, Mediatel Media Research Awards 2019
WINNER – Best Custom Media Research Project – Trade Body, Mediatel Media Research Awards 2019

You can download your copy of the full report at the top of this page or email [email protected] to get a free printed copy.



  • Foreword by Professor Patrick Barwise
  • The Authors
  • Executive Summary
  • Introduction

Part One

The short-term impact of advertising

  • Background: The Danger of ‘Irresponsible ROI’
  • Ebiquity: Data Set & Short-Term Methodology
  • Short-Term Findings

Part Two

The long-term impact of advertising long-term findings

  • Long-Term Findings
  • Gain Theory: Long-Term Methodology

Part Three

The total impact of advertising

  • Total Profit: Key Findings
  • Optimising for the Long Term
  • Conclusion

Appendix 01

Sector analysis

  • FMCG
  • Retail
  • Financial Services

Appendix 02

  • Media at a Glance


  • About Thinkbox
  • Further Information and Contacts




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