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2020 TV viewing report


Total video viewing grew by 40 minutes per person per day in 2020, with broadcaster TV accounting for 64%. How we watch TV continued to change at pace…

  • In 2020, we watched 3h, 22m of broadcaster TV each day with an additional 36 minutes of subscription VOD viewing.
  • Broadcaster VOD accounted for 19% of 16-34’s broadcaster viewing.
  • TV advertising accounted for 91% of the video advertising we saw each day.
  • The average viewer watched 41 ads a day on a TV set.
  • 1.2k advertisers used TV for the first time in 2020.
  • Linear TV and Broadcaster VOD reached a combined total of 93.4% of the population each week.
  • The top commercial show of the year reached an average audience of over 14m on 15 November…

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