TV in the Video World


There was a time when broadcast TV and cinema were pretty much the only forms of video at marketers’ disposal. But there are lots of new kids on the block, including new forms of TV. The video world has exploded in recent years and is becoming ever more complicated, with a bewildering amount of (sometimes questionable) data.

That is why The Marketing Society has teamed up with Thinkbox to produce this booklet. It is designed to help marketers navigate this new world – and to put it into some perspective.

It includes articles which put the video world in context, explain why all video ad views are not equal, look at whether video advertising works and explore what makes Broadcaster VOD advertising different from other forms of online video.

We hope this will inspire you and help you better understand the world of video. If you want to know more about anything included in this booklet, just give us a call.

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