Tracking the CFlight path

Hot in the slipstream of BARB’s launch of SVOD viewing measurement last week, another major industry metric is taxiing towards the runway and preparing for take-off.

CFlight is the measurement tool that will report combined coverage figures for linear and BVOD advertising campaigns. Its broadcast partners include UKTV and STV as well as its three co-founders Sky, ITV and Channel 4. TechEdge have now successfully completed the development of the software that will automate the processing of the raw ad server data from the broadcasters, combine it with linear impression data from BARB and, using the algorithms designed by RSMB, produce deduplicated reach and frequency estimates across linear and BVOD for an all Adults audience.

As you read this, CFlight is undergoing a battery of technical tests before being unleashed on media agency representatives from the IPA’s Television Research Advisory Group (TRAG) in January/early February. They have kindly volunteered to try the tool gently at first and then to breaking point - or just before it ideally – before CFlight can be rolled out on request to buyers who have run linear and BVOD campaigns.

Thinkbox will keep you posted on progress in January and throughout 2022 as CFlight produces new insights and unveils useful upgrades.

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