IPA seek thought leadership submissions for Effectiveness Week

Top marketers from major brands like Barclays, Diageo, EE, HSBC, John Lewis, Kraft Heinz, Lego, Sky, Telefonica, Travelex & Unilever have come together to set the big questions that will frame the inaugural Effectiveness Week this October.

The IPA are seeking thought leadership submissions on  strategic tools, techniques and best practice that demonstrate how businesses are addressing these key challenges using evidence-based decision making to create the organisations of the future, today. They are looking for the best minds in business to provide the answers.

These will be showcased as part of the strategic 2-day conference at BAFTA or within one of the satellite events planned for w/c 31st October 2016. Submissions are welcome from any individual or organisation focused on the pursuit of marketing ROI across all areas of investment.

Please complete and submit the form on the IPA Effectiveness Week Site before the 26th June 2016. Your submission will then be considered by the advisory board and you will be contacted by the end of July, if your ideas are to be included.

Key challenges

Risk / Experimentation

In a marketing landscape where everything is constantly changing, what is a reasonable level of risk on investments? How can we breed a test and learn environment where failure is accepted as a natural part of the process?

Customer Experience

How relevant is marketing communication spend in a world where customer experience is the biggest driver of brand performance? How can all aspects of the brand experience be optimised?

Accountability mindset

How do you move from an organisation that pays lip service to accountability to one that walks the talk, in every department across every geography, and in every relationship with external agencies? What are the implications for internal communications, training and development?

Investment Criteria

What is the right way to judge marketing investments? Brand awareness, brand consideration, brand loyalty, business outcomes? Intermediate measures or end measures? What basket of measures, score card or dashboards deliver in the new world order?

Data regulation threat

The data opportunity/regulation threat – Leveraging data has in recent years become the ultimate solution for many brands but has it really moved the dial significantly or failed to live up to expectations? Will the golden child be further downgraded with new EU regulation curtailing its potential?

Technology impact

Impact of technology on marketing effectiveness – It is almost impossible to keep up with the latest shiny application that will change the face of marketing forever. New innovations are a daily occurrence so what strategies should we adopt to evaluate which are the real deal?

Effective Creative

Creativity’s role in effectiveness – In a world of marketing science, algorithms and rationality, many marketers feel embarrassed to mention the c word – creativity. We all know though that as humans, emotional engagement is still the greatest motivator don’t we?

Short-term vs long-term

As the City makes quicker and quicker judgements on corporate prospects, the need to deliver short-term results has been key but what is that doing to the health of brands in the long-term and how should we plan for and measure both axes in order to optimise both short and long-term value?


Paid/earned/owned – Multi-channel, multi-platform optimisation – Brands are omnipresent in today’s society and marketers must look to optimise paid, earned and owned channels. Who has found the perfect combination? How do you plan for and measure the efficacy of integrated activity?

Levels of investment

Budgeting/levels of investment – the call for zero-based budgeting is on one hand logical but on the other supposes that investing in brands is an annual event that can be switched off with no downside. What is the evidence around the importance of investing over time yet allow for real-time opportunism?

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