CFlight: first functionality upgrades

CFlight raises clock numbers and extends back data

CFlight is launching its first functionality upgrades, less than two months after its beta launch in March.

CFlight was initially able to report de-duplicated linear TV and BVOD campaign coverage for up to 10 creative clock numbers combined (clock numbers are unique advertising copy identifiers, which CFlight can report together as one campaign). Agency users can now call off a single report which calculates cover across as many as 25 clock numbers.

While most campaigns still use fewer than 10 clocks – and quite often just one or two - there are some circumstances where multiple creative treatments are brought into play by larger advertisers, such as by supermarkets in the run-up to Christmas. The clocks upgrade should cover all eventualities for the foreseeable future - even the most extreme campaign circumstances.

From later next week CFlight users will also be able to refer back to linear and BVOD campaigns they bought earlier in 2021. When CFlight first launched it gave users the opportunity to run reports from the beginning of October 2021 onwards.  The main saleshouses behind CFlight have since worked tirelessly behind the scenes (with substantial help from Clearcast and Peach) to provide clock numbers and reach data going back as far as July 1st 2021. Within just a few weeks, year-on-year campaign cover comparisons will be possible via CFlight.

The CFlight project team has hinted that one or two further enhancements are due to be making their debuts over the next month or so.

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