The world’s most resourceful dog is back in "Harvey & Harmony"

The world’s most resourceful dog, Harvey, is back in the latest Thinkbox ad. This time he is using the power of TV advertising to persuade his owner to let the love of his life, a magnificently coiffured poodle called Harmony, come to live with them.

‘Harvey & Harmony’, is set to Glenn Medeiros’s iconic 1987 hit 'Nothing’s Gonna Change My Love For You'.

The ad opens when the doorbell rings. Harvey’s owner opens the door and is confused to discover a poodle sitting expectantly on the doorstep with a suitcase. To persuade his owner to let her in, the ever-resourceful Harvey then plays a TV ad telling the story of how he and Harmony, the poodle, fell in love. It features the couple speed-dating, going to the cinema, doing yoga, going on the ultimate canine date to the Natural History Museum (and stealing a dinosaur bone), enjoying a sunlit picnic, and it shows Harmony posing for Harvey as he paints her portrait.

This is the third and final TV advertising campaign Thinkbox will launch starring Harvey. The first Harvey ad, 2010’s ‘Dog’s Home’, was awarded by D&AD, the British Arrows, the APA, and was voted by the public as 2010's Ad of the Year for ITV1. The second, ‘Harvey & Rabbit’, launched in 2012 and appeared in Nielsen’s study of the Most Liked Ads of 2012 and Campaign’s Top 10 TV & Cinema Ads of 2012. Harvey’s ads for Thinkbox have been watched hundreds of millions of times on broadcast TV, over 6 million times online, have helped Harvey to amass 45,000 Facebook friends, and saw him named as celebrity dog of the year by Dogs Trust.

Andrew MacGillivray, Thinkbox’s Marketing Director: “Harvey has really struck a chord with both the general public and the advertising industry. He’s been amazing at reminding people of the power of TV advertising and, at its heart, emotional story-telling. It’s great to have him back in a new ad – and in love. ”

Thinkbox's new ad starring Harvey has been made by The Red Brick Road, the advertising agency behind Thinkbox’s previous ad campaigns, and directed by Us through Academy, who have been responsible for ads for brands including The Sunday Times, Honda and TalkTalk, and recently won Best New Director at the British Arrows Craft Awards. The media planning is by MediaCom.

Thinkbox’s TV campaigns are the most successful communications it has undertaken, building awareness of the organisation and the power of TV advertising and encouraging advertisers to get in contact to find out what TV can do for them. The new TV ad has been screened across a variety of broadcast and on-demand TV channels represented by Thinkbox’s shareholders and their partner channels. Thinkbox’s shareholders are Channel 4, ITV, Sky Media, Turner Media Innovations, and UKTV.

Ad credits:

Agency: The Red Brick Road

Creative Directors: Matt Davis & Richard Megson

Business Director: Matt Anderson

TV Producer: Charles Crisp

Production Assistant: Charlotte Whittall

Production Company: Academy

Directors: Us

Executive Producer: Lizie Gower

Producer: Dominic Thomas

Editor: Joe Guest @ Final Cut

Colourist: Aubrey Woodiwiss @ Electric Theatre

Flame Op: Paul Wilmot @ Electric Theatre

Sound Engineer: Parv Thind @ Wave

Media Agency: Mediacom

Media Planner: David Mills

Dog training company: Stunt Dogs & Animals

Dog trainers: Gill Raddings 

Thanks to...

Our shareholders (Channel 4, ITV, Sky Media, Turner Media Innovations and UKTV); Us and the team at Academy; all at The Red Brick Road and MediaCom, Robert Whitelock and, of course, to Harvey, Harmony and Rabbit.

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