TV in focus: new trends in TV advertising

Pour yourself a drink of your choice, get yourself comfortable, and join us on the morning of Wednesday 21st April from 9.30am.

The world of TV and video has been defined by disruption for years now, but some overall trends were fairly clear. Then came 2020 and that narrative unravelled as people stayed in and tuned in – to all forms of video. Well, almost all.

To coincide with the launch of Thinkbox’s 'A Year in TV 2020-21', at this FREE online event we will look at some of the key themes that emerged or accelerated in 2020 and are shaping 2021 and beyond:

Matt Hill, Research & Planning Director, Thinkbox, will look at what’s happened to TV and video, why it’s happened, and what it means for the future. Who are the winners and losers? What of TikTok’s sudden emergence? Where is streaming going? And, crucially, what does it all mean for video advertising?

And, as reach planning becomes ever more important in the fragmented and often confusing, metric-muddled world of TV and video, Sam Taylor from Direct Line Group and Chair of the ISBA TV Steering Group, will share insights on the art and science of driving cost-effective reach.

One clear winner in 2020 was ecommerce, along with a greater understanding of TV’s vital role in powering it. Charlotte Langley, Brand and Communications Director, Bloom & Wild, Gregor Chalmers, Group AV Director, The Specialist Works and Sophie Parfitt, Head of Marketing, AO,  join Lindsey Clay, Chief Executive, Thinkbox, to discuss why TV is important to ecommerce brands and the impact it can have on a business.

We’re all still trying to make sense of the new world we find ourselves in. This event will help, at least with the video advertising corner of it.

Tune in to TV’s trends on Wednesday 21st April 9.30am. To join the event, just come back to this page on the day.

We’ll see you then.

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