The TV playbook for online businesses

On Tuesday 16th November we returned to the Ham Yard Hotel for the launch of our brand-new research study, ‘The TV playbook for online businesses'. 

You can now watch the event on demand, as well as download the presentation from Magic Numbers by clicking the download button above. 

Of the many effects the pandemic has had on society, one was to fast-track the shift to ecommerce. This in turn created a surge in new online businesses disrupting every conceivable category.

These new businesses, lacking in physical availability, are hugely dependent on marketing for sales and growth. They rightly begin their marketing journeys focussing on the immediate world around them, using search, social media, and online video.

But that only nourishes them for so long. Sooner or later, most hit a ceiling. When they do, it’s time to move beyond the relative safety of easily identifiable online customer journeys. TV advertising is often a crucial part of this next phase in their marketing-driven growth. 

This new study provided online businesses with their first-ever TV playbook, a specialist guide to help them unravel and navigate what can be a daunting and confusing journey.

We revealed the findings of this new study, sharing learnings on the roles TV advertising plays, how this varies for different businesses and marketing objectives, and how the powerful combination of TV and search work together.


The TV playbook for online businesses

Dr Grace Kite, Founder & Economist and Faith Stevens, Partner & Principal Economist, Magic Numbers, took us through the brand-new research and shared their findings.

The power of brand communications

Orlando Wood, Chief Innovation Officer at System1 drew on the research he set out in his IPA publications Lemon (2019) & the recently launched Look out (2021). Revealing the business case for why online businesses should be harnessing the power of brand focussed comms, and more importantly, what they need to do, if they’re going to get it right.

Panel session with Q&A

Featuring Anna Greene, VP Brand, Gousto; Sarah Brown, Head of Consumer Marketing, Rightmove and Tom Beardmore, Founder, Chamber. This panel session discussed the brand journeys undertaken by online businesses as well as insights from agencies working together with them. Hosted by Rupen Shah, Head of Client Services, Thinkbox.

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