TV in focus | Matt Hill, Research & Planning Director, Thinkbox
We’ll kick things off with a round-up of the latest viewing, spending, and pricing trends in TV.

Insights from the Media Mix Navigator | Jane Christian, Head of Systems Intelligence, MediaCom UK & Elliot Millard, Head of Strategic Planning, Wavemaker UK
How has the effectiveness of different media changed in recent, turbulent years? What’s happened to efficiency, risk, and long-term effects? We’ll find out using the £2bn+ of econometrically-assessed media spend that fuels the Media Mix Navigator.

Are you normal? | Jordana Moser, Research Manager – Media Development, Ipsos
It’s been a decade since Thinkbox’s original landmark study exploring the differences in media consumption and perception between those who work in media and the average person in the UK. Back then we discovered a chasm between normal people and media professionals’ behaviours. Has this changed since? Ipsos will share findings from a brand new analysis.

Panel discussion
Closing the event is a session covering some of the most business-critical areas that are affecting media planning decisions today. With Claudia Howard, Group Business Director, Carat and Rachel Douglas, Thinkbox Young TV Planning of the Year 2022 and Head of TV, One Agency Media

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