Inside CFlight: TV’s new cross-broadcaster measurement

Watch on demand to hear all about CFlight, the new cross-broadcaster measurement tool.

You’ll get an understanding of the scale of the project, the measurement principles guiding the development, and get a first look at the total TV reach and frequency reporting you’ll soon be able to access.

Plus all the information you need to know about the launch plans and when CFlight will be available.

Speakers: Andrew McIntosh, Media Consultant, McIntosh Media Consultancy; Martin Greenbank, Head of Advertising Research & Development, Channel 4; Lucy Bristowe, Director of Insight & Research, Sky Media; Glenn Gowen, Head of Audiences, ITV; Matt Hill, Research & Planning Director, Thinkbox.


It’s never been a better time to be a TV viewer. Unlimited choice, unlimited access.

And there’s never been more opportunity and flexibility for TV advertisers. New data and tech capabilities have ushered in the era of advanced TV and a world of new ways to use TV.

But these huge positives also pose a considerable challenge: it’s never been harder to measure TV viewing and advertising as it spreads across time and platforms.

Thankfully, there are major initiatives afoot to crack this challenge, and this event focused on CFlight.

CFlight has been developed by Sky as a means of measuring total reach and frequency across their linear and VOD offerings. And, later this year, both ITV and Channel 4 will come on stream with CFlight too, meaning that advertisers will be able to see the total reach and frequency of their campaigns across all forms of TV.

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