TV Triangle squares the circle

London has been balanced. Like a rhombus relieved of its worrying tilt to become a more stable square, the West of London now has a media hub to counter-balance the much-vaunted and invested-in East of the city where the Silicon Roundabout and Tech City reside.

This equilibrium has arrived courtesy of the TV Triangle. This may sound like a Sorrellism, but it is actually an affiliation of the many media and tech companies – big and small – that live in the West (Sky, Virgin Media, the BBC, Disney, Discovery, Talk Talk, Endemol, RDF to name a handful). They were always there of course; they just hadn’t been brought together under a single aegis to work as one on common ground such as coordinating internships, attracting international investment, working closer with start-ups, and driving forward innovation.

The name is important and recognises that TV is an expanding world built on innovative technologies, many of them world-beating.  Broadcasting and production companies – which form a significant proportion of the businesses in the TV Triangle – are some of the most important and advanced we have and are a fundamental part of the creative economy.  It is right for the government to invest time and money in the East and the ‘new media’ companies developing there, but there should be equal energy put into other media that are at least as valuable and ripe for growth. The East does not have a monopoly on new. That Ed Vaizey attended the launch of the TV Triangle bodes well.

So congratulations to TV Triangle and especially to Decipher’s Nigel Walley, the driving force behind it. Thinkbox looks forward to getting involved.  I also hope that the Occident will meet up with the Orient to work together more.

Thinkbox, situated in Westminster and suitably rectilinear, sits neatly between the two.

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    Tess Alps
    Chair, Thinkbox
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