94% can’t be wrong

What do 94% of this week’s IPA Effectiveness Awards winners have in common – apart from having shaken hands with Gyles Brandreth and being utterly brilliant at advertising? The answer is TV, but then you probably guessed that.

33 of the 35 winners used TV advertising, making it the most used form of communication among the award winners and a common denominator for the very best in effectiveness. Every one of the 14 Gold award winners used TV. 

Naturally we’re quite pleased here at Thinkbox, but we’re not in the least bit surprised.

All the IPA winners are special – even the two that didn’t use TV (The Art Fund and Audi A1 – although Audi has used TV extensively for other models which will have had a long-term halo effect). The reason they are all special is because they add to the growing proof of how advertising works and pays back, something we constantly need fresh evidence of. 

An extra-special mention must go to John Lewis for its ‘Making the nation cry… and buy’ entry, by Adam and Eve and Manning Gottlieb OMD, which was awarded the Grand Prix. Few winners demonstrate so well the turbo-charging power of TV within an integrated comms plan, nor the link between creativity and effectiveness. Notably, this paper was also a joint entry by a media agency and a creative agency and this collaborative approach – not just in entry-writing but in constructing the campaign – deserves our industry’s praise and imitation. To put the numbers next to its success: the campaign generated £1,074m of incremental sales and £261m of incremental profit in just over two years. 

It is also worth mentioning that 100% of the winners will have used the internet in some way – whether paid, owned or earned. Some of that TV advertising will have been delivered by the internet. And it is to the IPA’s immense credit that they recognise the need to be specific about how the internet was used. They do not lump the many different types of communication that use the internet together and call it ‘internet advertising’.  Rightly, they call search search, social social, banners banners, email email, radio radio, TV TV and so on. I hope others follow their sensible lead in this respect.

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    Lindsey Clay
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