Milking TV’s goodness

Well, Yeo Valley nailed it, they gave it 120%, they took that ad break and they made it their own. They even, to use a couple of Kelly Rowland-isms, both “brought it” and “put it dowwwn!”

BBH’s new TV ad for Yeo Valley is an impeccable and affectionate parody of boy band videos that was hugely entertaining and extremely well branded, but it was also a masterclass on how and why great creative TV advertising works as well as it does.

This week we’re launching our latest Payback research through Ebiquity and we’ll be sharing some news about the ‘halo effect’ of TV advertising.  So, Yeo Valley couldn’t be better timed to make our point for us.  The online chatter was huge, it trended on Twitter, views on YouTube shot up as did Facebook likes, and brand searches soared. The song was reported to have entered the Top 40.  And finally, it was brought home to me how successful an ad it was when, at a friend’s house for lunch on Sunday, it prompted the most animated, enthusiastic and extended discussion I’ve ever had with their two teenage children.

Personally I love the Yeo Valley ad and I have now almost mastered the dance moves and lyrics but there is also a bigger TV advertising story in Saturday night’s X Factor which shouldn’t get missed in all the boy band excitement. The first of the X Factor live shows is now a big event in both the TV and the advertising calendar.  Saturday night’s ad breaks around the show saw a whole series of TV advertising events: Muller launching their own epic spectacular ad, Easyjet on TV for the first time, a live ad from the new Health Lottery, and big new ad from Cadbury’s to celebrate their 2012 sponsorship to name but a few .

These advertisers are capitalising on  the special combination of factors which makes TV advertising today more effective than ever before;  whether it’s increasing viewing, consolidation around great programming, the drive to live,  the power of shared viewing, the mutually beneficial relationship between TV and social media, the recognition of the link between creativity and effectiveness, or the vital role played by TV advertising in driving search and amplifying other media at the heart of an integrated campaign.

These effects are thrown into the spotlight in a TV property as huge as the X Factor  but it shouldn’t be forgotten that they’re also working day in day out for TV advertisers on hundreds of channels and thousands of programmes to no less powerful effect.

TV advertising is going to go a long way in this competition…

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