Autumnal reasons to thank TV advertisers

Autumn is here, sort of, and with it comes our annual windfall of wonderfully telly.

Downton has returned with new costumes, new skulduggery, new staff, new ghosts from Mr Bates’s past, new will-they-won’t-they-can-they-should-they, the same dusters and decorum, and a hatful of Emmys. It attracted 10 million viewers on its return, at least 9 of whom work here at Thinkbox.

Of course, despite its massive success and  popularity, Downton isn’t everyone’s cup of afternoon tea, and there are even dissenters among the Thinkbox ranks. That is of course the beauty of telly: there is something for everyone at any time and, increasingly, in any place.

With this in mind we took a quick poll in the office (allowing our zero tolerance for weak research methodologies to slip for a moment) to see what televisual treats the Thinkbox team is currently enjoying or looking forward to.

It appears that the perfect TV day for Thinkbox would include, among many other things, the following: The Rugby World Cup, X Factor, Take Me Out, Appropriate Adult, and Downton on ITV1; TOWIE on ITV2; Premier League and cricket on Sky Sports; Glee, Strike Back: Project Dawn, An Idiot Abroad, Modern Family (also an Emmy winner) and upcoming series Spy and Terra Nova on Sky One; Argumental on Dave; Australian Masterchef on Watch; Curb your Enthusiasm, Game of Thrones and Boardwalk Empire on Sky Atlantic; Fresh Meat, Misfits, Dispatches, Shameless, Million Pound Drop, and the eponymous News on Channel 4; Dexter on FX….and more and more.

This it appears is how Thinkbox plans to fill its average 4 hours a day of TV viewing (obviously we would watch every show, but we wouldn’t have time to blog). So a greasy and sycophantic, but nonetheless sincere, thank you to all the advertisers who helped increase investment in TV last year. I’d be interested to know what you are looking forward to…

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    Lindsey Clay
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