Cannes you kick it? Yes, you Cannes

Those who Cannes, do. It’s in the Cannes. No Cannes do…There is something about Cannes that brings out the pun in me. Now it is over and the UK post-mortem is nearing its bloody end, I wanted to focus on the good news from Cannes for the UK – because there was some good news.

It has been widely reported that UK ad agencies did not do as well as usual in the creative awards at Cannes Lions this year. They still won Lions but we didn’t roar. No creative Grand Prixes came back from the sun-soaked, fun-addled shores of France.

This is a shame but I don’t think adland should weep all over its storyboards; it should just continue to raise the creative bar. I also suspect the UK’s relative underperformance (relative to its own previous standards) might have at least a bit to do with other countries catching up with the UK rather than any dramatic drop in creative performance over here. Claire Beale also has some interesting thoughts about the influence of potential block voting (Grand Prix Fixe?) and the regulation of the UK ad industry in her leader today (or recently, depending on when you read this).

However, a ray of sunshine pierces the clouds.

The UK did perform very well in the inaugural Cannes Effectiveness Lions, with the Grand Prix going to Abbott Mead Vickers BBDO for its excellent Walkers work and Leo Burnett scooping Gold for its McDonald’s work. And, we’re pleased to note, TV was central to not only the UK effectiveness winners but all the winners.

142 campaigns were entered of which ten were shortlisted and six Creative Effectiveness Lions ultimately awarded. All of the winners used TV. For five of the six, TV was at the heart of the campaign – this echoed TV’s performance at the IPA Effectiveness Awards, where it was central to 36 of the 38 winning campaigns.

So some good news for the UK and for TV.

And the fact that Jean-Marie Dru, the Chairman of TBWA\Worldwide who presided over the jury for the Effectiveness Lions, said that the UK agencies ‘knew how to enter this category in a very strong way’ I would have thought was good news as well – even if he didn’t mean it to be. Knowing that we are effective at proving our effectiveness should be music to clients’ ears.

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