What makes BVOD advertising special?

What makes BVOD advertising special?

Not all video is equal. Different types of video appear along a quality spectrum. And right up the high quality end of the spectrum are the BVOD services. And that is great news for advertisers. Here’s why.

Always full-screen, usually big screen

All BVOD players default to full-screen as soon as the play button is pressed and 63% of BVOD is watched on a TV set, according to IPA Touchpoints 2016.

A young and upmarket audience

46% of BVOD viewing is by 16–34s and 61% of viewers are ABC1, according to IPA Touchpoints 2016.

92% view-through rate

This is the proportion of BVOD advertising that is watched from start to finish , according to Broadcaster data.

Value exchange

BVOD’s high view-through rate reflects the value exchange with viewers: they are happy to watch the ads as they get great content in return.

No ‘bots’ watching

BVOD has zero (or close to zero) ‘bot’-generated ad views. Channel 4 recently commissioned Theorem to conduct an audit of their BVOD delivery to check for ‘bot’-generated impressions. They found it was close to zero. In fact, the only ‘bots’ present were those generated by the system used to prove to agencies that the BVOD ads were playing out.

Highly engaged viewers

BVOD is an indulgent treat, a box of chocolates. It has highly engaged viewers catching up on their favourite shows and watching premium box-sets and movies.

Highly advanced ad solutions

The different BVOD offerings provide a suite of advanced advertising solutions spanning interactivity, personalisation, audience, genre and interest group targeting, as well as programmatic ad exchanges.

First party data

Many of BVOD’s advanced solutions are fuelled by high quality first party data – that is, highly reliable data that the broadcasters have collected themselves from willing users, not purchased from a third party. Channel 4 and ITV have 13 million registered users each and Sky has a direct relationship with its customer base of over 10 million homes.

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