VOD specifications

VOD specifications

Here you’ll find a quick overview of the sort of things you will have to consider when building or delivering VOD advertising assets for premium broadcaster VOD services, plus links to spec documentation and contact details of who to talk to if you have any questions on the technical side.

Preparing the right assets for your VOD campaign

With a good range of VOD formats to choose from, and all the different things they are capable of doing, working out what you need to supply to the broadcaster VOD teams can look at bit on the complex side: but it really isn’t. In fact, there are many common factors in the supply of VOD assets and where extra bits and pieces are needed, the broadcasters have clear supply specs ready to hand which you can download or read online. And, of course, the Broadcaster VOD teams are always on hand to help you with any queries you have about the build or supply process or to discuss new creative executions. So please get in touch.

VOD specs overview

Putting together the audio-visual assets for VOD advertising has much in common with supply for broadcast, and you won’t be surprised to learn that you will have to make sure you supply the right video specs, which covers factors such as  ‘output format’, ‘encoding & audio profiles’.

And for interactive formats there will be additional things to think about such as ‘impression trackers’, ‘click commands’ and other creative assets to go with your VOD format.

It’s not Rocket Science, but it’s important to get these things right, so you can avoid any unnecessary delay with your campaign. Below you find some links to broadcaster VOD specs to help you with that.

VOD delivery to the broadcaster VOD teams

When considering the delivery of your perfectly formed VOD assets there are a number of things you need to be aware of, from lead times, countdown and valid Clearcast clock requirements, to video naming conventions and hold-frames. Again, these are all set out in the broadcaster spec documentation (links below).

Delivery is usually made at least five working days in advance via bespoke broadcaster ftp link or via an ad delivery services such as Adstream, Beam or IMD. For ad-innovation formats, such as Ad Explore, you will need to supply earlier, at least 10 working days before the start of the campaign. In cases where more advance interactive formats are being deployed you will of course have been talking to the VOD teams about creative development long before that.

Links to Broadcaster VOD spec documentation and technical enquiries contacts

Different VOD Players

ITV Sales

Channel 4 Sales

  • Tech specs for Channel4 and UKTV standard pre-rolls, and iVOD suite (Ad Elect, Ad Pause, Ad Bloom, Ad Extend, Ad link), visit the website
  • For traffic enquiries about advertising on Channel4 or UKTV VOD platforms, please email [email protected] or call Clare Graham on 0207 306 6312 or Luke Gillott on 0207 306  3786.
  • For VOD innovation format (Integrated Solutions) enquires please email  [email protected] or phone Laura Walmsley on 0207 306 8562.

Sky Media Sales

  • Tech specs for Sky Video on Demand standard pre-rolls, visit the Sky Media website.
  • For more tech specs or supply information about advertising on Sky VOD platforms, please email Neil McCallum, Video Ops Manager, [email protected]

VOD Delivery Services Contacts 

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