VOD key numbers

Broadcaster VOD key numbers

Numbers are important and here you'll find the ones you need to help you understand how Broadcaster VOD fits in to our video consumption.

Key points

  • In 2018 Broadcaster VOD accounted for 4.5% of total UK video consumption: 7.4% for 16-24s.
  • 70% of BVOD occasions take place in the living room
  • In 2018 Broadcaster VOD watched on a TV set grew by 18% 

A couple of things to bear in mind about VOD numbers: the assumption is often that any TV viewing on non-TV set devices or over the internet is VOD. This is not entirely true; most of it is VOD but not all of it. Some viewing over the internet or on other devices is streamed live TV. This is particularly popular when major sporting events happen.

Measuring all these new ways to watch TV is a major challenge and BARB, the body which measures TV viewing officially in the UK, is currently enhancing its methodologies; it is installing meters in its panel homes to measure in-home TV viewing on PCs and laptops up to 28 days after the initial broadcast. We don't yet have official, device-neutral VOD measurement from BARB that can be reported alongside Linear TV viewing at a demographic level - but it is coming. For the latest news on Project Dovetail, visit barb.co.uk.

Measuring all these new ways to watch TV is a major challenge and BARB is currently enhancing its methodologies

Broadcaster VOD key numbers

14 minutes a day

This is approximately how much Broadcaster VOD the average UK viewer watches a day across all screens. This is based on 10 minutes a day on a TV set and 4 minutes a day watched on other screens, like tablets and smartphones (data from UK broadcasters)

Overall, this works out as approximately 14 half-hour TV shows a month watched via Broadcaster VOD.

BVOD viewing on the TV set grew by 18% in 2018

In 2018 we saw further shift of broadcaster VOD to the TV set – in total it grew by 18%.

Broadcaster VOD viewed on TV set grew by 18% in 2018

Device ownership is mainstream

Tablet ownership in the household is now at 52% (Ipsos MORI Tech Tracker Q1 2019), smartphones are at 83% and laptops at 68%. Viewers are using all of these devices to watch video; BVOD is prevalent on the TV set but 8.6% adults watch on a laptop or desktop, 7.8% on a tablet and 5.4% on a smartphone.

Where does Broadcaster VOD fit within total video viewing?

In 2018 Broadcaster VOD accounted for 4.5% of total UK video consumption: 7.4% for 16-24s.

BVOD is vital for reaching lighter audiences; people who watch less linear TV tend to watch more BVOD and vice versa.

BVOD is disproportionately important for reaching lighter viewers

From an advertising perspective, BVOD combined with linear TV offers brands cost effective reach. TV’s reach is undiminished when you embrace total TV. For example, a campaign today targeting 16-34s with a budget of £1 million planned only across ‘industry standard’ broadcast TV reaches 50%  of 16-34s, when it would have been 65%  back in 2008. But an 80:20 mix of industry standard TV and BVOD takes this back up to 65% , according to IPA Touchpoints channel planner data.

Total TV builds cost effective reach


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