Mog takes over the ad break for Sainsbury’s

To launch their Christmas campaign, run in support of Save the Children’s literacy campaign, Sainsbury’s opted for an ad break takeover showing the full 3 mins 30 secs of their ad, playing out across multiple channels.

Sainsbury’s charming and creative Christmas 2015 ad features a CGI version of Mog the Cat – the character from the popular children’s book by Judith Kerr.

The ad - ‘Mog’s Christmas Calamity’- created by AMV BBDO, shows Mog accidentally wrecking the house of his family the night before Christmas.  Fortunately, the local community come together to give the family a Christmas, which brings to life the Sainsbury’s brand message that ‘Christmas is for sharing’.

To launch the campaign, Sainsbury’s opted for a high profile ad break takeover showing the full 3 mins 30 secs of the ad on the evening of Thursday 12th November across multiple channels including ITV, Channel 4, Channel 5 and Sky simultaneously at 7.15pm. Thereafter, the campaign will run 90 second and 60 second cut down versions. 

The campaign will also help raise funds for Save the Children to improve child literacy across the UK with the book going on sale in all Sainsbury's supermarkets and convenience stores as well as a Mog toy cat. All proceeds from the merchandise will go to the charity.

Directed by James Rouse, and co-produced by Sainsbury’s and HarperCollins Children’s Books, the campaign has been created in collaboration with Judith Kerr herself, who also makes a cameo appearance in the film. Oscar-winning Rachel Portman composed the original score that underpins the spectacular.

The Christmas ad phenomenon seems to grow every year and it’s about demonstrating you really understand the meaning of Christmas for customers. In this ad, we want to give a heart-warming feel about a community coming together.

Mark Given Planning & Propositions at Sainsbury’s


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