Groundbreaking LEGO ad break

To promote the theatrical release of Warner Bros.’ ‘The LEGO Movie’, Omnicom Media Group’s PHD and ITV put together an entire ad break which re-created existing TV ads in LEGO. 

Viewers of ITV’s ‘Dancing on Ice’ were treated to a very special ad break including Vinnie Jones, recreated in glorious Lego, showing us how his yellow hands can deliver CPR;’s Brian the Robot interacting with ‘local youth’; BT’s young lovers dealing with musical buffering via Infinity; and Lenny Henry getting a good night’s sleep in his Premier Inn bed – all in glorious Lego.

Each re-made ad from participating brands was separated by a two second Lego Movie character interstitial, and the whole break was rounded off with a trailer for the film itself.

PHD conceived and planned the break with Warner Bros. and, in partnership with ITV and sister content specialist agency Drum, sourced the production partners to re-create the work. The LEGO ads have been re-created by ITN Productions and Bricksports., BT and Premier Inn paid for the media placement and for the production costs of their spots. The break involved getting approval from the three brands, Warner Bros and the creative agencies that made the original ads.

David Wilding, the head of planning at PHD, said: "To support the launch of a movie in which the whole world is made of Lego, we came up with the idea of transporting ITV viewers there.

"It’s a testament to the strength of the idea, just how much passion, energy and sheer enthusiasm every partner in this project has put in and we can’t wait to see the results."

What participating clients said

Alex Lewis, VP, Director of Marketing, Warner Bros said, “The LEGO ad break is an inspired and truly innovative media first, one that captures the very essence of the LEGO Movie and does a brilliant job of amplifying this eagerly-awaited title.”

Fiona Creedon, head of advertising at said, “ is delighted to have BRIAN the Robot participate in such an innovative TV advertising break. Seeing him immortalised in LEGO bricks represents an iconic moment for the brand. We’re thrilled that BRIAN has been given such a brilliant opportunity as he continues on his mission to save customers money.”

David James, BT Consumer Marketing Director said, “We are delighted to be able to partner with Warner Bros. on the release of The LEGO Movie. Remaking our current ‘flatmates’ advert in LEGO bricks, has been a lot of fun and is a great opportunity to make our customers smile. We are very pleased with how the final ad looks.”

Russell Braterman, Premier Inn Brand Marketing Director said, “To see our latest TV ad in LEGO bricks reflects the multi-channel approach we have adopted for our latest campaign – I love the innovative and relevant media first of the advert break. Our recently launched ad, which focusses on our dedication to ensuring guests have a Good Night’s Sleep, features Lenny Henry on a tour of the UK in his Premier Inn bed. So we are looking forward to seeing some of the UK’s most iconic landmarks immortalised in colourful LEGO bricks.”

Kim Gilroy, Account Sales Manager at ITV said, “We are thrilled to be working with Warner Bros. and PHD to launch this exciting campaign. This partnership is a great example of what ITV can do for brands to bring truly unique experiences to viewers.”


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