ITV’s The People’s Ad Break

Effective and engaging TV advertising creates moments that are talked about, shared and remembered long after they are aired, embedding themselves into the cultural conversation of a nation.  

At the beginning of May, ITV asked its viewers to re-image their own versions of five famous and well-loved adverts. Partnering up with brands Aldi, Haribo, Honda, Walkers and Weetabix, the best remakes of the original ads were selected by a panel of industry judges from hundreds of entries that were submitted.  

In a specially curated ad break, ITV introduced the winning ads on Saturday 23rd May, during Britain’s Got Talent. You can watch them in the video above. 

Sean McGinty, Marketing Director at Aldi UK: “The nation has always shown a great love of the iconic Like Brands TV spots and the response to this initiative has shown that this love lives on.”
Winning ad: Arfa Boydell (name of dog) from Cornwall

Hayley Nixon, Marketing Manager at HARIBO UK: “It is a fantastic take on our Boardroom ad with added creativity that makes it hugely relevant to today’s working conditions.”
Winning ad:
 The Berry's and Mayers' in Chester and Pontefract

Jean-Marc Streng, President of Honda UK: “This new version of our iconic Cog advert captures part of the Honda philosophy: the joy of creating."
Winning ad:
 Charlie and Rosie from London

Will Robinson, Marketing Lead at Walkers: “The winning entry…shows how people might be finding new and creative ways to hide their favourite snacks during the current lockdown!”
Winning ad: 
The James family, and friends, from South Leicestershire

Francesca Theokli, Marketing Director, Weetabix Food Company: “We’d like to thank everyone who submitted an entry, the standard was extremely high and the next-generation of British advertising is certainly in safe hands.”
Winning ad: The Turner family from Hertfordshire


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