Fortitude ice-themed ad break

To mark the network premiere of Fortitude, Sky Media has created a beautiful, sparkling ice-themed ad break.

The adverts appearing in the break are made up of some male bonding in an icy terrain (Jägermeister), an Eskimo tending to her huskies (Ariel), thrillingly cool car chase featuring a relentless gun-wielding helicopter and a gravity defying car (Peugeot), a raw ad from Macmillan conveying the isolation of cancer and a beautifully shot Sony Bravia ad, which captures bubbles freezing in icy temperatures.

The ad break opened by the channel sponsor of Sky Atlantic, Volvo, whose idents are shot in a chilly style, in keeping with the Fortitude vibe. That, along with the selected ads, envelopes the viewer with an icy feeling - perfect for ramping up the atmosphere of the hotly anticipated show.

Volvo's sponsorship of Sky Atlantic showcases what it means to be a truly integrated partnership. We have worked tirelessly with Mindshare and Volvo to activate the deal in innovative and creative ways.

David Shore, Head of Business Development, Sky Media

Fortitude tells the story of an Arctic community which begins to unravel when a mysterious death threatens the town. The drama was created and written by Simon Donals (Low Winter Sun), and it stars Stanely Tucci, Michael Gambon, Christopher Eccleston and Sofie Gråbøl.

The Fortitude ad break is the latest in a series from Sky Media, celebrating the on-screen chemistry between high quality programmes and advertisements. Previous examples include the Series 5 Mad Men ad break featuring products and ads relating to the early 1960s, and the 24: Live Another Day ad break which was styled to echo the editorial flourishes of the programme – notably the split-screen technique, showing different events and angles simultaneously.

The Fortitude ice-themed ad break was created and curated by Marianna Goduti, Sales Controller at Sky Media. Chanelle Stacey, Sky Media’s Activation Manager, guided Volvo’s sponsored involvement.

I am delighted by the lengths that agencies, advertisers and Sky Media have gone to, in order to make this a truly special broadcast event. When brands become so closely aligned with programme themes and content it creates memorable moments. Their evident love of television matches ours, and shines through to our subscribers.

Zai Bennett, The Director of Sky Atlantic HD

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