Ad break takeover launches Dave’s partnership with CALM

It wasn’t your usual ad break. On Monday 26th November, UKTV’s comedy favorite channel, Dave, took over a commercial ad break to mark the beginning of its year-long partnership with mental health charity CALM (Campaign Against Living Miserably). At 9:09pm, a time usually dedicated to adverts and TV trailers, Dave encouraged viewers to get in touch with a mate and see how they were, to send them a message, a tweet, or even just a funny video to show they were thinking of them.

The four-minute ad takeover was made by UKTV’s in house creative team and voiced by comedian James Acaster. Whilst the ad starts by explaining the initiative, it then continues for the remaining 3+ minutes with background music and chitchat to enable you to take the time to drop a friend a message and “be the mate you’d want”. It is the first of a series of initiatives between the partners which aim to create a more positive and open culture when it comes to talking about men’s mental health.

Luke Hales, Dave’s Channel Director: “Dave reaches more than 19 million people a month and on average, over 60% of our viewers are men. Research has highlighted that millions of men experience loneliness but suffer in silence. This campaign is our small gesture for anyone who may be going through a tough time. We hope it will encourage people to reach out to friends who need a reminder that someone is thinking of them and someone cares”.

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