Years & Years ad directed live

In this global broadcasting first, Channel 4 handed control of an entire ad break to its viewers and fans of British electro-pop band Years & Years for a live Twitter battle to promote their new album.

Viewers voted throughout the three and a half minute ad break via Twitter to switch between three completely different music videos for Years & Years’ new single Shine, by using the hashtags #ChooseDark #ChooseLight or #ChooseShadow that correspond to the style of each music video.

The tweets were counted live during the ad break and tallied every 30 seconds with the most popular video being shown on the main screen and the other two were displayed as insets.

A selection of participants’ Twitter handles were broadcasted during the break as a thanks for getting involved.

The bespoke ad break originated from a collaboration between Channel  4 Sales, Polydor Records, MediaCom and The Outfit.

We love the idea of giving our fans control of a music video and the immediacy of it happening live. We had a lot of fun playing with the different themes of light and we hope the audience enjoy experiencing our music in this new way.

Years & Years

This exciting partnership is a real treat for Years & Years fans. It’s another great example of C4 combining the power of TV and social media to put decisions into the hands of our viewers and allowing advertisers to engage with their audience in new ways.

Jonathan Allan, Sales Director, Channel 4

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