Kabuto makes world’s first ever live improvised ad break

Viewers of Comedy Central may have caught the teaser ads for a world first in TV advertising: a live improvised commercial break.  With their prop - Kabuto Noodles - shrouded in ninja-like secrecy, the comedians of Mischief Theatre had a big challenge on their hands: 3 minutes of improvisation on the mystery item in front of a live audience of 200 and, of course, the TV audience at home.

On Monday 17th June, the improvisation began.  Host Rob Carter revealed the noodles and much to the audience’s delight they saw German accents, Igloo scenes and even some inexpert percussion.  Directed by James Russell, the live broadcast was a brave choice for the start-up brand as Founder Crispin Buck said: “We took a risk leaving our jobs to create something new and now we're taking a risk with our first TV ad. We always wanted to do things that were fun and different so we're really excited."

In a crowded market place, Kabuto Noodles wanted their first marketing activity to be memorable and create a buzz and so, along with 18 Feet & Rising and Viacom Media, came up with this unique and  exciting concept for a TV ad. 

More so now than ever, it’s essential for a brand’s message to stand out from the crowd. This idea brings together a daring brand alongside Comedy Central’s heritage in stand-up, to create an innovative partnership for the live advert and beyond.

Peter Dale, Business Development Manager, BeViacom and Comedy Central

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