The Times takes Homeland Hostage

Channel 4 viewers were treated to a fantastic piece of contextual advertising with the placement of the Times ‘Bearing Witness’ film within Homeland, a drama about the war of terror. The three-minute video tells the story of the kidnapping and escape of Times journalists Anthony Loyd and Jack Hill and is part of the Unquiet film series.

In addition to the ad break take over, an interactive TV ad ran on Channel 4’s video-on-demand service 4oD to allow users to interact with the ad to see the benefits of a Times membership. The film series is also hosted online by The Times.

Homeland’s upmarket and highly engaged audience is the perfect fit for The Times’ powerful and topical film Bearing Witness. This brand new partnership demonstrates the creative solutions Channel 4 can offer clients by leveraging its programme brands.

Danny Peace, agency principal, Channel 4

Bearing Witness tells a powerful story, full of insight into the dangers journalists face in their endeavours to report the truth from hostile environments around the world. It reveals a sense of purpose that The Times has pursued since the Crimean War. Broadcasting this short film on Channel 4 in the Homeland slot is the perfect alignment of contextual relevance, brand fit and reach of our target audience.

Nick Stringer, chief creative officer of News UK

‘Bearing Witness’ was created by Betsy Works for Grey London and was directed by Phil Lind.

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