Placing McCafe Moments at the heart of TV conversations

A year-long collaboration between McDonald’s and Channel 4 was chosen as the platform to launch the fast-food chain’s ‘McCafé Moments’ contextual advertising campaign.

Channel 4’s most talked about peak-time programmes, such as Made in Chelsea, First Dates, The Island and One Born Every Minute were identified as key environments for the crafted content that shaped this first-of-its-kind partnership. OMD UK worked alongside Channel 4 to contextualise conversations within their TV ads to focus on the key characters and themes of such shows. The media placement of the spots ensured seamless integration between the advert and the most significant TV moments across Channel 4 as they aired.

The 30” spots, created by The Outfit , placed the McDonald's McCafé range at the heart of the conversations; with real people talking in real time about the show just watched by the audience, all whilst enjoying their favourite McCafé beverage.

For example, the McCafé ad place during an episode of Made in Chelsea involved the discussion of the show’s notorious lothario Spencer Matthews. Similarly, the spot during an airing of First Dates featured twins Hayley and Jenny discussing the perilous pitfalls of first date etiquette.

This integrated and collaborative approach was described by Chris Braithwaite, agency principal for Channel 4 as “watchable content that happens to be an advertising break”. The campaign concept was built around the fact that television creates conversations.

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