Pause and rewind with Freeview+

Freeview, like most players in the set top box market, were trying to combat churn. They felt that the best way to do this was to upgrade viewers to a Freeview+ box. So, they were looking for a way to demonstrate the fantastic functionality and quality of the new Freeview+ box.

Working with their media agency, MEC, they came up with an innovative campaign that not only raised awareness of the box and what it can do, but also entertained the viewer.

They decided to use real programme footage to demonstrate the functionality of the box and have a deeper connection with the viewer by showcasing the ads in the very same programme that featured in the ads. The two programmes selected were Made in Chelsea and Jamie’s 15 Minute Meals.

Anything that aligns us as a brand more closely with the thing that really interests consumers, which is the content, is a good thing.

Owen Jenkinson, Head of Marketing at Freeview

Working with The Outfit, they created two bespoke spots that took editorial content from these shows. The launch spot featured a Made in Chelsea cliff-hanger moment involving Spencer Matthews. In the ads, the viewer pauses and rewinds the scene again and again to humourous effect.

As a result, there was a 15% increase in awareness of Freeview+ across the campaign period.

For us, it was an innovative collaboration between partners, that delivered a humourous and sharable piece of creative that was placed in absolutely the right places on Channel 4.

Owen Jenkinson, Head of Marketing at Freeview

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