Freeview positions itself as the alternative to pay TV

Freeview, the UK’s biggest TV platform has unveiled its most innovative and ambitious advertising campaign yet, The Other Way.

With exclusive access to scripts from some of the biggest shows, Freeview is  running hundreds of short contextual films in TV ad breaks that comment on the storylines of programmes being shown or events that have happened that day.

Using beautiful choreography to create memorable visuals - combined with a consistent, friendly voice - Freeview will talk to the nation in their living rooms in real time. From reactions to the latest goings on in Coronation Street to the benefits of Freeview Play, the simple format will become a recognised part of the British public’s consciousness when it comes to watching and appreciating great TV.

This is the first campaign Freeview has worked on with Anomaly, who worked in collaboration with DGLB.

Using no VFX and filmed entirely in-camera, each visual captures the collective energy of over 1,000 people, filmed from above, moving around to make mesmerising, colourful patterns.

The creative approach Anomaly has taken will allow for dialling up or dialling down key messages as appropriate, using contextual, ‘always on’ channel principles typically reserved for online campaigns. Spots have been brokered with the sales teams at ITV and Channel 4 securing first in break for all contextual ads which comment directly on the storylines viewers will have just witnessed. 

Live adverts are also planned for later this year - these will see Freeview’s script writers and representatives from Clearcast working on and broadcastings ads directly from the show’s studio.

Owen Jenkinson, Marketing Director, Freeview said: “The Other Way helps address two challenges in our market place: salience by being ever present and actively competing with pay TV providers by highlighting the value equation. A very smart campaign by Anomaly, beautifully executed.”

Camilla Harrisson, CEO and Partner at Anomaly added: "The Other Way introduces a different approach to advertising on TV that enables us to be incredibly agile and contextual on air and will embed Freeview right at the heart of the nation’s TV viewing experience - exactly where the brand belongs.  It’s an ambitious model, made possible by a progressive and enlightened client team and an amazing amount of trust and collaboration across agencies, partners and broadcasters."

Working with agency partners, complementary marketing and PR activities are set to roll out in the coming months.

The Other Way was created by Anomaly with visuals designed, directed and produced by DBLG. MEC is Freeview’s media buying agency

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